Introducing Scheduled Email Steps & Enhancements to Engagement Studio Testing

We’re excited to announce two new features for Engagement Studio: Scheduled email steps and testing enhancements.

Have you ever planned your Engagement Program and found yourself with the need to have emails send on specific dates? Did you count back on a calendar, on your fingers or some combination of the two to have a general idea of when the program emails would be sent? With scheduled email steps in Engagement Studio, you can ditch counting and define a send date on the email action itself.

Event Engagement Programs

A lot of time, effort and resources are put into planning events. Whether the events are trade shows, sponsored events, webinars or networking focused, you want to promote the event to get the most ROI. Now, you’ll be able to promote your events with confidence leading up to the date, scheduling your emails to send at the right cadence to drive awareness.

During Event:
If at an in-person event, you may want to continue to promote sessions, sponsored events or drive booth traffic with emails in your Engagement Program. With scheduled steps, you can schedule emails to send on the dates throughout the event to encourage attendance.

After Event:
The work isn’t over once an event is complete – if anything, that’s when your efforts will ramp up to keep that audience engaged. Scheduling emails in Engagement Studio allows your team to prepare for follow ups even before the event begins by scheduling follow up emails to send on specific dates after the event. You can even try waiting a week or two after the event, when your audience is done weeding through the dozens of emails they’ll get from other organizations immediately after the event!

Seasonal Programs

Scheduled email steps in Engagement Programs can be especially helpful for programs that run seasonally. Holiday promotions, customer appreciation efforts, referral incentives, limited-time offers or new product or feature release announcements all can revolve around specific, anticipated dates. Schedule email steps to ensure your programs are as relevant and timely as possible.

Engagement Studio Testing Enhancements

With scheduled email steps in Engagement Programs, you’re able to better anticipate the dates emails will send in your programs – but what about understanding dates relative to your entire program? With the enhancements to email testing, you’re able to understand the dates actions, triggers and rules will be processed in relation to a selected start date upon beginning a test.

After selecting a start date for the program, the test log will begin populating dates that additional actions, triggers and rules take place:

When the test reaches an end step, you’re presented with a summary of the program length in days, as well what the start and end dates of that journey. This information is intended as an estimate, as prospects in your program may engage more quickly, or slowly, or not at all during their specific journey. The test end estimate also does not take into consideration if the program is paused at any time or if the dates are changed at any point in the program.

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We look forward to hearing your feedback on this new enhancement, and as always, you can continue to share your feedback on our Idea Exchange.