Introducing Salesforce User Sync

We are excited to announce the launch of Salesforce User Sync! With Salesforce User Sync, Pardot Admins can better align and manage users in Pardot and Salesforce. By making Salesforce the system of record for synced users, admins can save time on user management, enhance security, and eliminate user redundancy. Salesforce User Sync is a key step along our journey to transform Pardot into a Salesforce platform-powered native Lightning application.

Salesforce User Sync is available to all Pardot customers using Salesforce (Sales Cloud) Professional edition or higher. All users that have a profile with the “Salesforce” user license type are eligible for Salesforce User Sync.

Once enabled, Salesforce User Sync will detect when Salesforce users are added, deactivated, or modified and will mirror those changes in Pardot. Once enabled, fields on the Pardot user edit screen become read-only, so any desired changes to user fields can be made to the corresponding Salesforce user.

Enabling Salesforce User Sync will bring significant and irreversible changes to your Pardot org, so we recommend reviewing our Salesforce User Sync Enablement Guide for Admins before turning this new feature on.

We look forward to hearing your feedback on this new enhancement, and as always, you can continue to share your feedback on our Idea Exchange.

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