Introducing Salesforce® Engage

Today, we’re excited to announce the official launch of Salesforce® Engage, a new solution from Salesforce Pardot that helps marketing and sales teams work together to sell more effectively than ever. This powerful new capability is now generally available as an add-on for all customers.

We know that the B2B buying cycle is changing, and that prospects are waiting to engage with companies until a majority of their research has already been completed. This poses a problem for sales reps who need visibility into their prospects’ motivations and behaviors in order to connect in a meaningful way. Salesforce® Engage addresses this common sales pain point by providing deep visibility into your prospect’s digital engagements, and translating that data into actionable insights that your sales team can implement anytime, anywhere. And these capabilities are delivered natively in the tools your team is already using today: Pardot, Sales Cloud, Salesforce1, and Gmail.

With Salesforce® Engage, it’s easier than ever for marketers and sales reps to understand how prospects want to be engaged with and to deliver what they want, when they want it. The solution offers a number of key functionalities that sales teams can use to sell faster, including Engage Alerts, Engage Campaigns, and Engage Reports.

Engage Alerts

Sales reps can now receive real-time prospect engagement notifications in the Salesforce1 mobile app, giving them instant visibility into how prospects are engaging with product and marketing materials anywhere, at any time. Within the app, sales reps will have access to the past four days of activities for each of their prospects. They can also add prospects to nurturing campaigns from within the app, making it easy for them to grow and nurture their own pipeline.

Engage Alerts are also available within Salesforce CRM, so that reps can stay up to date whether they’re at their desktop or on the go.

Engage Campaigns

With Salesforce® Engage, marketing can empower sales people to deploy their own personalized, tracked email campaigns, putting the power of marketing-curated content and insights in the hands of sales reps. Engage Campaigns give reps access to a library of marketing-approved email templates and nurturing tracks, and give them the ability to create ad-hoc messages with an easy-to-use editor.

Engage Campaigns can also be launched straight from Gmail by installing a simple plug-in. This gives reps the option to track and send emails from the comfort of their preferred interface.

Engage Reports

Engage Reports allow you to monitor the success of your campaigns and uncover trends that will help you close more deals, faster. Analyze the performance of both templated and non-templated emails using interactive, graphical dashboards, and access engagement metrics to better understand the factors impacting your pipeline.

We’re excited to see how Salesforce® Engage and Pardot can empower sales and marketing teams to work together to achieve joint success. If you’d like more information about Salesforce® Engage, you can check out the full feature rundown here.

Salesforce® Engage is available immediately. Talk to a Pardot sales rep for details on getting started.