Introducing Pardot’s Redesigned Landing Page Builder

At Pardot, our product team is obsessed with creating the best possible experience for our users in every aspect of our platform. While many products in our space are designed with the focus on adding features as quickly as possible, at Pardot we are focused on creating features that make our product intuitive, easy to understand, and a pleasure to use.

It was with this goal in mind that we set out to completely redesign our landing page builder from the ground up. Our previous builder was already ahead of the industry standard and allowed our users to create effective and attractive landing pages quickly and easily. But that wasn’t good enough for us.

We wanted to provide a tool that put the power of pixel-perfect web design at our users? fingertips– without the coding. So it is with great excitement that we are releasing our completely redesigned landing page builder. Here are just a few of the ways we have improved the tool for our users:

New Interface

The first thing you will notice about the new landing page builder is a new interface. We wanted to make the web design process something intuitive and familiar to our users. The new interface features a menu ribbon reminiscent of Microsoft Office and Google Docs that provides complete control of page elements.
Users can choose from a variety of templates, drag and drop elements into the responsive workspace, and easily go live with a completed page. Everything is easy to find, simple to understand, and familiar to use.

Pixel-Perfect Layout

Many similar tools claim to be “drag-and-drop” or “what you see is what you get,” interfaces, but they don’t truly deliver on either. Users are often limited to dragging within specific regions and what you see is almost never what you get. We made sure that our landing page builder would deliver on both.
Users can drag new elements into their page, reposition anywhere with ease via their cursor or keypad, and be confident that the layout seen in the builder is the layout visitors will see in their browsers.

No Coding Required

The problem with many similar builders has always been that in order to create finer details and get layouts just right, users either had to edit the page?s CSS and HTML or settle for what the builder could deliver without coding. With Pardot’s new builder, marketers are given complete control over every page element without ever having to touch the page?s code. Our users can now deliver fully coded, professional-grade landing pages in minutes.

Our new landing page builder is just one of the many product updates we will be delivering this quarter, but each one will be similarly focused on improving our user’s experience, workflow, and impact. If you are a Pardot user, please give the new builder a try and let us know what you think!

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  • I am completely satisfied with what I just read. I am in the preparation stage to build the landing page for our company. I trust your idea will help make the best landing page I can ever make for our business. Many Thanks!

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