Introducing the Pardot Email Deliverability Content Team

Email Deliverability: Meet the Writers

Editor’s note: Here on the Pardot blog, we love writing about marketing automation best practices, overarching industry trends, and all things B2B marketing. But we also know that it takes a myriad of teams to make life at Pardot (or any organization) run smoothly, and that communication between these teams is crucial—heck, alignment is what Pardot’s all about. So, on our mission to bring as many different perspectives to our content as possible, we’re opening up our blog to some of our staff’s other talented writers. First up: meet a couple of resident email deliverability experts, Skyler and Raz, who will be developing their own blog series around email sending best practices. Enjoy, and feel free to engage and ask questions!

In an effort to better serve our clients when it comes to email sending best practices, the email deliverability and compliance team at Pardot is proud to announce our official presence on the Pardot Blog! We’ll be posting some fantastic information over the next few months on a number of useful topics to help you get the most out of your email sending campaigns.

Meet Skyler


I’ll start with a bit about me. I worked at the University of Georgia (Go Dawgs!) in network support for two years, then started working for Pardot after getting my degree in Psychology. I spent some time working with Pardot’s general support team and found my calling in email compliance and deliverability, which I’ve been specializing in since January of this year. When I’m not getting emails delivered and enforcing our policies, I like making smoked snacks, laying out in my hammock, and crocheting (but not at the same time).

My colleague, Razid, will also be a main contributor to the email deliverability posts on the Pardot blog.

Meet Raz

razHi Everyone!  I’m Razid, or Raz for short. I oversee all Email Deliverability and Compliance operations here at Pardot. I came to this point by way of an Electrical Engineering degree followed by a stint in grad school working on a Mechanical Engineering PhD. Although I left grad school before completing my PhD, I managed to score a patent based on the research work I was doing. After parting ways with academia, I worked for a large IT firm that happened to do a lot of email stuff.

I was looking to shift gears into software development when a friend recommended that I apply to his company. Although they needed developers, they had an even greater need for someone to head up email deliverability operations. Thus, a match was made, and I’ve been with Pardot ever since. I’m looking forward to formally contributing to this blog to keep our readership on top of the wild & wooly world of Email Delivery.

What should we write about?

We want you to get the most out of our content, so we’d love your feedback on what you’d like to learn! Take our quick poll, and as always, feel free to leave your thoughts and questions in our comments section.

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