Introducing Nucleus Research: Anatomy of a Decision

How companies market and sell has evolved significantly in the past decade. Today’s B2B marketers need a smart, scalable marketing automation platform to help them drive personalized marketing campaigns, find and nurture leads, close more deals, and maximize returns from marketing efforts.

Nucleus Research, an information technology research firm specializing in investigative research and the return on investment analysis of technology, researched the experiences of Salesforce Pardot clients to understand why they chose Pardot.

The Anatomy of a Decision

To better understand why B2B marketers select Salesforce Pardot instead of other marketing automation solutions, Nucleus conducted in-depth interviews with a number of Pardot customers. Their research specifically highlights three customer profiles who have seen success with Pardot, including a higher education academic institution, an enterprise technology vendor, and a healthcare technology company. 

In examining the experiences of Salesforce Pardot customers, Nucleus found that integration with the overall Salesforce platform, usability, and analytics capabilities were key factors in their decision.

Check out what customers are saying about why they chose Pardot:

1. Salesforce Integration: “Other products don’t have the strengths of integration that Pardot does. When you lose integration you compromise on your data. We’ve broken down the silos between sales and marketing and the Salesforce-Pardot integration enables us to do that.”

2. Usability: “Previously a complex campaign would take six months to build. Now it takes 2.5 weeks.”

3.  Analytics: “Marketers have been talking about ‘attribution’ for the last decade, but the say/do gap here is huge. Pardot and Salesforce’s analytics tools completely turn this around. They make true revenue attribution attainable and give marketers the data they need to demonstrate their impact on sourced and influenced opportunities.”

To learn more about why successful B2B marketers choose Pardot, download the Nucleus research paper.

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