Introducing Multi-Touch Attribution in B2B Marketing Analytics

Editor’s Note: We’re so pleased to announce two new features today! Don’t forget to find out more about Customizable Business Hours as well! 

With B2B Marketing Analytics, Marketers can visualize campaign ROI across the funnel to prioritize channels and programs that work best. With first, even, and last touch attribution offered in a new out-of-the-box dashboard, marketers gain insights into which channels drive awareness (at the top of the funnel), perform across all buying stages (across the funnel), and help drive deals to close (at the bottom of the funnel). If first, last, or even distribution models don’t fit your needs, you can also create a custom model using Customizable Campaign Influence in Salesforce. All influence models will be pulled into B2B Marketing Analytics for total Multi-Touch Attribution analysis.

Visualizing attribution enables the marketer to understand which campaigns drive pipeline and revenue right at their fingertips. And it’s easier than ever to analyze where your marketing budget is best allocated across the various stages of the buyer journey. This way, marketers can prioritize campaigns that will help them hit their future pipeline and revenue goals.

What does this look like in action?

Marketing managers can easily toggle which model they’d like to apply for analysis.

Let’s say a marketer needs to decide which channels and programs to invest in more heavily in an upcoming quarter.

First, the marketing manager might look at the first touch attribution model to see which campaigns are best at driving awareness.

First Touch

Next, the marketer may want to know which campaigns are working best at all stages of the funnel.

Even Distribution

Finally, the marketer will want to know which campaigns are helping sales drive deals to close.

Last Touch

With these three attribution models at every marketers fingertips it’s easier than ever to recommend a course of action for future campaigns. With B2B Marketing Analytics it’s never been easier to act on your marketing data.

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