Introducing: Emoji!

No doubt that you’ve seen emoji living in various subject lines inside your inbox lately. Fun fact: Did you know emoji have been shown to increase email open rates?

And, as more of our communication becomes text based, emoji are one of the key ways you can express emotions that words may not quite capture. Emoji are quickly becoming a part of all kinds of communications both professional and personal. They can also add a fun and unique personal touch to your marketing campaigns.

So, as of today, we are ecstatic to announce that emoji are now available in Pardot in email subject lines and social postings!

How do you access all of this goodness? The emoji keyboard is available in the Advanced Subject Composer, accessible from both the Building and Sending tab.

It’s simple to add in social posts too!

No doubt, you have a favorite emoji, whether it’s the bacon, wide array of shoes, or the cute little family of monkeys, emoji are here to stay and an important tool for anyone. Comment below and let us know what your favorite emoji is!

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