Introducing the B2B Social Media Guide to Best Practices

87% of B2B marketers use social media as part of their content strategy. (CMI)

Think social media is only for your B2C counterparts? For flashy ad campaigns, product giveaways, and clever contests?

Think again.

True, when it comes to garnering fans, companies like Coca Cola may have an edge over, say, a B2B software vendor. But while the personal nature of social media made the early days of social marketing far more conducive to B2C, social media is now an integral part of most businesses’ marketing strategies, and B2B organizations are no exception.

However, the world of social media for business changes each and every day. So we’ve take it upon ourselves to compile The B2B Social Media Guide to Best Practices, with the latest trends, stats, and best practices from the social sphere. Whether you’re just getting started or are trying to improve your strategy, you’ll find valuable information on a wide variety of social media-related topics, including:

  • Understanding the nuances between different social channels and the appropriate treatment of each
  • Setting up a social media strategy and establishing a structured cadence for posting
  • How to effectively engage in social listening with your prospects and customers
  • How to measure social media success and use hard data to optimize your approach
  • Informative social media stats to build your strategy around
  • Tools that can help you stay organized and consistent along the way.

Check it out now, and let us know your thoughts in our comments section!