Introducing: A Sales and Marketing Love Story

Ever downloaded an e-book only to find a veritable dictionary of marketing jargon and buzzwords? Ever get sick of sifting through a jumble of impressive vocabulary when all you want to do is answer one question:

How will this tool impact me?

If you’re searching for a compilation of the latest marketing adjectives (about a ‘synergistic, game-changing solution to revolutionize your sales-marketing ecosystem’), this may not be the e-book for you. But if you’re curious to see how Salesforce® Engage, a new solution from Pardot Salesforce, would impact your day-to-day workflow…well, read on.

You see, this is a story about Anna and James.

Just your average mid-market sales rep and multi-tasking marketer — you probably know your own version of Anna and James at your organization. But together, they form an unstoppable, deal-crushing team. Together, Anna and James are the ultimate power couple.

Oh, it’s not what you think. Anna and James aren’t a couple in the traditional sense. But they are better together, they need each other to succeed, and they both know how to make their relationship work in their favor. They connect regularly, support each other’s goals, and empower one another to improve.

How do they do it? Anna and James have sales-marketing alignment down to an art form, and they have the technology to make it work.

True, sales-marketing alignment is no new concept. Most modern businesses understand that today’s B2B sales cycle requires a certain degree of collaboration between sales and marketing teams, and that a lack of mutual insight can be a major setback to business success. Yet, many businesses still struggle to make this concept a reality — largely due to three central issues:

  • lack of communication and alignment of goals
  • lack of insight into each team’s interactions with customers
  • disparate and disconnected tools

With the right tools and the right strategy in place, Anna and James have tackled all three of these issues in full, resulting in effortless efficiency and a smoother, faster sales cycle.

Discover the secrets of their super team in our latest e-book, A Sales and Marketing Love Story, which walks through their typical week’s workflow, Monday to Friday. See how the four features of Salesforce® Engage (Engage Campaigns, Engage for Gmail, Engage Alerts, and Engage Reports) used in-tandem with Pardot allow Anna and James to connect seamlessly and close the deal. Grab your free copy now!

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