Increasing SEO through tags


<meta> tags are a great way to boost search engine optimization. If you would like to customize the meta description on your landing pages to increase SEO, we have added a “description” textarea to our landing pages. When populated, it is available for use as a variable tag %%description%% (case insensitive), just like %%title%%. Typically these should be roughly 150 characters, and display in search results to help give a brief description of the webpage.


All NEW layout templates will contain the HTML necessary to automatically pull in this description. For older layout templates, the following snippet of HTML needs to be added in the the <head> (bolded):

<meta name="description" content="%%description%%"/>
...maybe some CSS/JS here...
Here is a screenshot of how this will appear when you create a layout template within Pardot:
Layout Template
Here is a screenshot of how this will appear in the landing page wizard within Pardot:
Landing Page Meta