Inbound Marketing: Tool or Tactic? [#INFOGRAPHIC]

Marketers have a tendency to rush into the latest trends. We are an enthusiastic group and are always willing to embrace something new and exciting.

Take inbound marketing, for example. As inbound marketing becomes more and more popular, many marketers are turning to specialized inbound marketing tools and softwares to get them started and stay ahead of the curve. But there’s a problem: inbound marketing is a tactic, not a tool.

Inbound marketing is a tactic, not a tool. tweetbutton

The idea that a company can launch their inbound marketing strategy using software alone is misleading. Inbound marketing requires serious time and effort from the company itself; paying for expensive software only provides you with a nicer platform to showcase your efforts.

The infographic below highlights what to really expect from inbound marketing, some free and low-cost tools to help you along the way, and how marketing automation can be the perfect complement to your inbound strategy.

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Inbound marketing tool or tactic


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