Import Wizard now suggests column mappings

Pardot imports just got a lot quicker and easier to use! Now, when you import a file full of prospect data, Pardot will automatically suggest mappings for your columns based on the column headings in your file.

For instance, for a file with the headings: “email, first name, last name, company”, the Pardot import wizard will automatically match all of those headers up without the user having to manually select them from the drop down!

Finally, we’ve also organized the options better in the drop down to differentiate between default fields vs. custom fields in the mapping options.

Import Field Options

Suggested Best Practice

If you are doing a lot of imports Pardot strongly recommends that you set up the column headers in your file(s) to match your default and custom field labels. This will allow the Pardot import wizard to easily match all your fields, saving you lots of time by no longer having to manually map your columns.

How does it work?

For default fields, the import wizard will first strip out any punctuation (hyphens, underscores, periods, etc) from the column header and then do a case-insensitive, exact match against a list of candidate headers for each field:

  • Address One: ‘street’, ‘address’, ‘address1’, ‘address one’, ‘address line one’
  • Address Two: ‘apartment’, ‘suite’, ‘address two’, ‘address2’, ‘address two’, ‘address line two’
  • Annual Revenue: ‘revenue’, ‘rev’, ‘annual revenue’
  • City: ‘city’
  • Company: ‘company’, ‘company name’
  • Country: ‘country’
  • Email: ’email’, ‘e mail’, ’email address’, ‘e mail address’
  • Employees: ’employees’, ‘num employees’, ‘number of employees’
  • Department: ‘dept’, ‘department’
  • Fax Number: ‘fax’, ‘fax number’
  • First Name: ‘first name’, ‘fname’, ‘firstname’, ‘first’
  • Industry: ‘industry’
  • Job Title: ‘job’, ‘job title’
  • Last Name: ‘last name’, ‘lname’, ‘lastname’, ‘last’
  • Phone: ‘phone’, ‘phone number’
  • Salutation: ‘salutation’
  • State: ‘state’
  • Website: ‘website’, ‘url’
  • Zip/Postal Code: ‘zip’, ‘zip code’, ‘zip+4’, ‘zip4’, ‘postal’, ‘postal code’

Additionally, for both default and custom fields, the import wizard will attempt to do a case-insensitive, exact match of the column header against the label the administrator has set up for that field.