Idea Exchange now has a Single Sign-on with Pardot

Editor’s Note: Pardot has moved to the Salesforce Success Community IdeaExchange! As of December 1, 2016, all Pardot customers should use the Salesforce IdeaExchange to post, vote for and comment on Pardot ideas.


Many of our clients and partners have contributed to our idea exchange for the past couple of years and it has a profound influence on our product roadmap. In an effort to further promote its use and to make signup and login more seamless, we have enabled single sign-on between it and the Pardot application.

Simply log in to Pardot and click on the Ideas link the top right corner of the user interface. You will be automatically logged in to the Idea Exchange. The system actually creates an account for you behind the scenes using your Pardot account’s email address (if you do not already have an idea exchange account). Any posts/comments you submit will be posted with your first name and last initial only to protect your privacy.


Pardot Idea Exchange Single Sign-on

Single Sign-on Only

Note that logging in to Pardot first is actually the only way to access our idea exchange. If you go directly to, you will be routed through our login system before moving on to the idea exchange. This helps us a) prevent spam from bots and (amazingly) other companies and b) keep it customer-centric (as opposed to prospect-centric).


If you would like to have an avatar image show up next to your posts, you can sign up for an account at using the same email address as your Pardot account. Gravatar’s are used automatically by many different applications (WordPress, UserVoice, etc.) so you may find it useful to have one.