How To Turn B2B Commerce Site Traffic Into Recurring Revenue with Pardot

B2B marketers know commerce has gone digital. By next year, 55% of B2B purchases will be made online. What’s more, 83% of B2B buyers expect their B2B marketing experience to be as creative and personalized as their consumer experiences. 

Thankfully, B2B marketers can leverage technology to meet these personalization expectations and provide unique online commerce experiences for buyers.

The B2B buying process can be manual, impersonal, and feel outdated

Meet Ruth. Ruth owns a restaurant and routinely buys the same items, in the same quantity every week for her restaurant. A typical purchase might be: 10 gallons of cooking oil, 15 gallons of tomato sauce, and 100 gallons of butter every week.

But Ruth is frustrated. Why? Because each every time she orders, she has to go through the same time-sucking buying process — she has to find a sales rep, pick a time during work hours, and fax an order over to the rep. She does this each and every week. 

Ruth knows there must be a better way. And there is with Salesforce B2B Commerce, Pardot B2B marketing automation, and Salesforce Engage!

Convert Buyers With Relevant Offers and Real-Time Insights

With B2B Commerce and Pardot, Ruth is able to make these routine purchases on her own time and from any device — which came in handy last week when an unexpected large party of guests cleaned out her supply of tomato sauce before she had time to restock.

Because Ruth loves how easy it is to buy from her suppliers digital storefront, powered by B2B Commerce, she now places all of her orders online. She’s started exploring new ingredients that are recommended for her based on past purchases. She’s even been receiving  personalized emails with discount codes for these products! Because this has been such a great customer experience, Ruth has decided to add these new products to her routine online purchases moving forward.

Ruth has also noticed better service from her supplier’s account manager, who is always reaching out at exactly the right time and knows all of Ruth’s current and past order info. Her account rep proactively reaches out if there’s ever an issue with her order fulfillment, which allows Ruth to adjust weekly menus before there’s a problem. It makes Ruth feel like her supplier truly values her as a customer.

Now, Ruth doesn’t have to budget time to think about her weekly order, browse through printed catalogs, or reach out to an account manager. Instead, she can focus on growing her business and serving happy customers. 

B2B E-Commerce can drive growth and lower costs

With Salesforce B2B Commerce and Pardot B2B Marketing, online buying is made easy. Check out this example of how B2B Commerce and Pardot can personalize the customer experience and increase conversion rates across the buyer journey.


Drive Online Revenue with B2B Commerce and Pardot

The B2B world is changing. B2B buyers have B2C expectations. Bad buying experiences cost companies money. “70% of companies have lost business because of ordering-specific pains”—(B2B Commerce report). 

With B2B Commerce and Pardot, customers are able to

  • Increase conversion rates across marketing channels
  • Increase average order sizes with recommended products
  • Lower cost-to-serve with convenient self-service ordering and personalized email campaigns

By connecting B2B commerce and marketing automation to your CRM, you’ll be able to power new buying experiences that your customers love. To learn more,  reach out to your Salesforce account team.

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