How to Power Your B2B Marketing with Artificial Intelligence

In B2B marketing, artificial intelligence (AI) is bigger than ever. It’s helping power many innovations, including real-time next best offers, predictive journeys, intelligent segmentation, programmatic advertising, and dynamic websites — just to name a few. With so many great applications, it’s no surprise that AI usage among B2B marketers has jumped to 30% in the past year.

It’s important to note that AI isn’t about replacing human work — it’s about enhancing human work by automating data analysis and providing smart insights.

We added AI to Pardot in the form of Einstein in Spring 2019. With intelligent behavior scoring, lead scoring, campaign insights, and attribution, Einstein can help B2B marketers market and sell smarter with AI on the world’s #1 CRM. Here’s how.


Scoring lead and prospect behavior is an essential component of any marketing and sales process. Until recently, rule-based scoring models have been most widely adopted. However, they may not be the best option for every organization. Scoring leads and contacts based on attributes like behavior and demographics is a perfect task for artificial intelligence.

Einstein Behavior Scoring uses machine learning to help marketers and sales professionals score leads, contacts and prospects based on their unique engagement patterns. This takes the guesswork out of the scoring process, as AI automatically learns the behavioral patterns that signal actual buying intent.

Rules-Based Scoring Einstein Behavior Scoring
Manual model changes

Doesn’t account for recency

Wide range of scores

Out-of-the-box machine learning model per customer

Focused on recency of engagement

Analyzes engagement patterns with specific assets

Normalized score range [0, 100]

With advances in technology, it’s likely that rules-based scoring may be considered obsolete. One of its key weaknesses is that it doesn’t take recency into account — once it gives a prospect a score, it doesn’t update that score based on recent activity (or lack thereof).

Today’s B2B marketers need adaptive, AI-powered scoring that can analyze lead, contact and prospect data over time. These intelligent insights keep accounts engaged and put an end to cold calls. The future is all about educated and personalized connections based on real data and insights.


Another key benefit of AI is that it can help you maximize the effectiveness of your campaigns in real time. Einstein Campaign Insights uses machine learning to find data related to engagement activity, content, and audience characteristics to provide real-time insights about your campaigns. 

This helps marketers understand the hidden factors that drive campaign performance without having to manually sift through tons of data. As a result, you can execute targeted data-driven campaigns. In addition to aggregated metrics, Einstein Campaign Insights looks for anomalies (both positive and negative) in prospect engagement data, and later surfaces the most meaningful ones. Finally, Einstein Campaign Insights will look for and identify new audiences by identifying clusters of similar prospects that are showing high engagement.

By constantly analyzing engagement data from your campaigns and marketing assets, AI can give you global insights that inform campaign adjustments in real time — so you can maximize effectiveness by doing more of what works and less of what doesn’t.


When it comes to marketing and sales alignment, B2B companies have unique challenges. With multiple stakeholders and a lengthy sales cycle, it can be hard for everyone to understand and agree on key touch points along the lead-to-cash pipeline. 

Typical rule-based attribution models, single-touch and multi-touch alike, don’t give marketing teams a full understanding of their marketing campaigns’ real impact. Even the most data-driven decision-makers are often left guessing when it comes to marketing performance measurement.

With comprehensive data analysis and a complete view of the customer lifecycle, AI is the solution for attribution. With its algorithmic approach, Einstein can accurately allocate conversion credit throughout the entire marketing funnel. This helps marketers get one step closer to the holy grail of accurate marketing attribution.


Bring B2B marketing and sales teams together and market smarter than ever with Pardot Einstein. To get started, download the FAQ or read more about artificial intelligence here on the Pardot blog.

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  • AI has become a really important part of any B2B campaign. AI algorithms allow personalized user experience like Amazon does and I believe as an e-commerce marketer this has become a necessity for a store owner!

  • AI-based automation helps to find out the hidden factors that we cann’t analyze manually, even we can get the information of a every single person.

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