How to Perfect Your Lead Generation Strategy (Part 3): Love Your Existing Clients

David DiGiammarino and Paymaun Rezai, Client Advocates at Pardot, team up to share their best practices advice on lead generation in their new blog series. This post is part three of three on lead generation strategies. View parts one and two here:

Focusing on existing clients may seem like a strange topic to discuss in the context of lead generation, but it’s absolutely the most important way to generate leads.

If you continually support your clients in their success, you will create promoters, or people who are just ecstatic about your company and will tell everyone they know about how awesome you are. With promoters, you flip your funnel. Clients — won deals at the bottom of a traditional funnel — become free marketing to get more leads in the top of your funnel.

This may seem straightforward, but it takes some care. Here’s how to ensure that you’re targeting your clients appropriately and not running blindly ahead:

Incentivize customers to write reviews and cultivate references.

Here at Pardot, we reach out to folks that are having a great experience and explicitly ask them to write a review or be a reference for us. In addition to receiving direct feedback, it is also crucial for your potential customers to be aware of what results existing clients have been seeing with your product or service. Case studies and customer testimonials are great in this regard.

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Identify influencers in your client base.

Of all of your clients, who is the client that others look up to? Invite them to participate in webinars and to speak at conferences. Having others share their success story is great for building brand credibility and amassing a strong following of other loyal customers.

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With thee three seemingly simple steps covered in this blog series, you’ll be well on your way to cultivating not just clients, but true business relationships. It’s not difficult but it can be hard to make time for it. Trust us, it’s worth it.

Let’s review. You now have actionable strategies to generate a ton of high-quality leads who are passed to your sales teams at exactly the right moment. And, once they’re clients, they’ll be so enthusiastic that they’re help you get even more high-quality leads — it’s a virtuous cycle!

Have you used any of these strategies successfully? Let us know in the comments.

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