How to Perfect Your Lead Generation Strategy (Part 1): Attract a Ton of Leads

David DiGiammarino and Paymaun Rezai, Client Advocates at Pardot, team up to share their best practices advice on lead generation in their new blog series. This post is part one of three on lead generation strategies.

Generating leads is table stakes for any business. You don’t just want leads. You need leads. But how do you get them? And not just any old leads, how do you get good leads?

Marketing automation is your not-so-secret weapon in perfecting your lead generation workflows. We recently connected with Luke Wallace, Market Research Associate at Software Advice (he specializes in trends and technologies related to the CRM market). Luke put it perfectly:

“Marketing automation systems have sophisticated lead generation capabilities that can not only drive a steady stream of customers, but also help develop and qualify potential leads before they’re passed to sales.”

That’s the foundation of a perfect lead generation workflow. More explicitly, your workflow will:

  1. attract a high-volume of leads,
  2. ensure that all of those prospects are high quality, and
  3. deepen your relationship with existing clients to refer more leads.

Without further adieu, let’s jump into actionable best practices for getting more prospects. Everyone wants a massive amount of prospects, because the conventional wisdom is that the more prospects you have, the more deals you are likely to close! (We’ll discuss quality next week.) So, how do you attract a high volume of prospects to your company?

Know Your Audience

Above all else, know the audience you are targeting. If you target everyone, you’ll likely sell to no one. You don’t need to drill down to the individual level (yet), but even broad strokes are hugely important. Whoever your audience is, they have unique wants, needs, and expectations. Knowing your audience is the foundation of your content and your delivery strategy.

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Attract and Capture Your Prospect’s Attention

Spread the word! Now that you know your audience, you need to attract and capture their attention. You can attend an industry event, write a blog, generate organic search traffic, and more. The possibilities are endless!

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Create Lots of Content and Distribute It

Now you know your audience and you’ve got their attention. But once they visit your site, why should they stick around?

The answer: valuable content that backs up your promotion. Show the world that you know your chops. And, don’t be afraid to repurpose a piece of content that you already have. Webinars, whitepapers, and blog posts are all amazing ways to offer content and keep people engaged.

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In next week’s post, we are excited to share some “client-tested, Advocate-approved” ways to ensure that you are attracting high-quality prospects to your company with Pardot. Stay tuned!

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