How to Keep Your Marketing Moving While You’re Out of Office This Summer

Summer means longer days, warmer weather, and unnecessarily long out-of-office memos. But when you’re responsible for important projects and other team members at your company, it can be hard to fully detach yourself from work when you go on vacation.

Research shows that vacations improve mental health. And no, we don’t mean checking your email in a slightly warmer climate, as 60% of people say they keep working remotely on vacation. Time away from the office is most beneficial — and enjoyable — when you can totally unplug from work.

But you probably have a lot of concerns before heading out. Will deliverables go out on time? Will sales and marketing teams stay in communication? What if someone forgets to run reports? Will projects fall through the cracks?

Worry not! With proactive planning and the power of marketing automation, you can rest assured that your office is running smoothly. It’s time to put the “O” back in “PTO.”

Designate your delegates.

Even in your absence, someone’s got to rally the troops and navigate important issues. People are bound to have questions or want to consult a supervisor even regarding common daily tasks. You may be tempted to leave your phone on so you can answer questions or check in on projects while you’re supposed to be vacationing.

Don’t be that boss! Instead, designate individuals as leaders to handle issues as they come up. Let employees know who they can go to with questions, and who will have final authority on any projects in motion while you’re gone.

Not only will you be able to fully log off, but you’ll also get a chance to see who on your team may have some untapped leadership potential.

Set it and forget it.

With the power of marketing automation, you can keep content running even when you’re on vacation mode. Pardot Engagement Studio lets marketers automate and schedule personalized experiences based on advanced logic criteria and unique customer journeys.

If you’re working with a small team, marketing automation can significantly help offload excess manual work while one or more team members are absent — even if you’re a marketing department of one!

Whether it’s emails, social posts, ads, or even lead assignment, you can orchestrate it all ahead of time and behind the scenes. Which brings us to . . .

Automate away.

In addition to marketing communications, you can automate daily processes to keep things running smoothly in your absence. Automated lead assignment to make sure your sales teams don’t go a day without new leads. Pardot can automatically qualify and assign leads, so sales’ queues are always full of warm leads ready to be called.

With B2B Marketing Analytics, you can also create robust reports and dashboards to measure and track campaign performance, understand customer behavior, and measure the health of your funnel at a glance. And if you really need to keep an eye on metrics while you’re gone, you can have insights automatically delivered to your inbox.

Communication is key.

Sales and marketing aren’t exactly known for cross-departmental collaboration. If your organization lacks marketing and sales alignment, your teams may need a gentle (or enthusiastic) reminder to stay in touch, even if you’re not there to facilitate collaboration.

Encourage future collaboration by aligning your marketing automation platform and CRM for seamless data sync and unified customer profiles.

And with that, you can kick your feet up knowing your marketing program is in good hands with your team. Now, go enjoy that PTO!