How To Handle Negative Attention

Of course you want only good publicity, but the fact of the matter is mistakes happen.  Since mistakes happen, at some point in time a customer is not going to be satisfied.  In today’s world where news spreads virally this can be potentially dangerous to your image.

Although news can spread quickly, you can just as quickly try to solve the problem.

Here are a few tips I came across in a recent article about handling your online reputation:

  • Don’t panic, instead create an action plan to resolve the situation.
  • Try to resolve the issue publicly in order to show your other customers and prospects that you care about customer satisfaction.
  • Use social media to build a stronger and bigger network to show others you are a trustworthy business.
  • Continue to share good information about your company and move the bad down in search-results pages, where it will be harder for others to find.

I’m sure at some point you will run into a situation where these tips will come in handy.  Remember that it will take time to resolve the situation, but it is better to try and fix the problem right away than to leave it in the public eye asking for more attention.