How to Enhance Marketing Productivity with Snippets and Custom Resubscribe Messages

With the latest Spring ‘20 Release, we’re excited to announce that two of the features you’re familiar with, Snippets and Automated Resubscribe, have gotten enhancements to allow you to take this time in the new year to refresh your content in ways that will help make your life easier in  the weeks, months and New Years to come! 

Let’s take a look at an example for LenoxSoft.

Snippets Across Business Units

The marketing team at LenoxSoft has loved the productivity gains provided by utilizing Snippets (Winter ‘20)  throughout their campaigns because each of their campaigns has snippets that can easily be updated to propagate changes throughout all the related emails. Working snippets within a campaign are great, but the Lenoxsoft marketing team would benefit from snippets used throughout several assets, regardless of the association to a campaign, for content such as legal disclaimers and privacy policies.

Lucky for them and marketers everywhere, the Spring ‘20 release introduces the ability for snippets to be assigned to one or more Pardot Business Units (BU), allowing it to be used across all types of content regardless of campaign within that business unit.

The marketing team is more than eager to try this feature out, and they immediately find the process of assigning a snippet to a business a breeze. They simply go to the Related tab for their new “copyright date” snippet and find that a new column in the Assignments related list denotes the context for the snippet, whether its for a Campaign or a Business. With the quick creation of an assignment, they have now enabled this snippet to be available for any asset within the U.S. BU. 

Screenshot: New Snippet Assignment popup

Screenshot: business Unit Results

Screenshot: Copyright Date Snippet

This is phenomenal! And since each Business Unit has the same copyright date, the marketing team can add another assignment just as easily to this snippet to make it work across both! With the ability to create snippets assigned to one or many Business Units, the marketing team is able to easily spin up the business specific  content needed for their assets.

Snippets on Forms & Landing Pages

As we’ve seen, the Lenoxsoft marketing team is super savvy. They?ve already opted into Handle Bars Merge Language, or HML, and have mastered its usage across all of their Pardot email templates. But with the January Pardot release, HML, and by association, snippets, are now available to be used on forms and landing pages. So, that fancy new Business Unit snippet can now be applied to a whole new set of assets.

And the process is just as simple as using a Snippet in an email. The Landing Page and Form editors have the same merge field picker the marketing team is familiar with from last release, and it of course has a whole section that houses the snippets for that campaign and business unit.

Screenshot: Snippet option in Pardot Merge fields

Screenshot: Snippet inserted into email body

Screenshot: landing page with updated copyright date from snippet

With a few clicks, the marketing team has updated the copyright on their landing pages. This is an amazing time saver, as when a change comes, they simply have to update the single copyright date snippet and the changes get applied across all their forms, landing pages, and emails!

Customize Resubscribe Message

In August 2019, manually resubscribing prospects who reached out after accidentally clicking “unsubscribe,” or return customers who may have opted out in the past, is a thing of the past. Now, when a prospect is unsubscribed and completes a form, they’ll automatically be given the option to opt themselves back in ? saving you, or your Pardot Admin, energy and time best spent elsewhere. With the January release, we’re providing even more control of the resubscribe experience with the ability to customize the resubscribe message.

As you just saw with Lenoxsoft’s marketing team, they’ve already enhanced their Landing Pages and Forms with snippets, but they want to adapt those pages to a new marketing region in France. They’ve already localized most of their content, but they would love to be able to customize and tailor their resubscribe prompts on their forms to match their targeted region’s language. Lucky for them, new enhancements to the form builder will allow exactly that!

When editing the Email field in the form editor, a new tab called “Resubscribe” is now available that allows a marketer to customize the resubscribe message specifically for each of their forms. They have several options available to them such as disabling the prompt completely or even tailoring the text shown on their prompts to their unsubscribed prospects.

Screenshot: Resubscribe tab on the form editor

With a quick few changes, the marketing team has fully enabled this form to be usable in their French markets. Not only does this new landing page and form have the right local language and the appropriate legal disclaimers provided by legal, it will actively be able to prompt in the local language to any unsubscribed prospect that they should opt back into their communication.

Screenshot: Lenoxsoft landing page with French version of text

With the combination of Snippets and Prospect Resubscribed, the Lenoxsoft marketing team has truly crafted a personalized experience tailored to their audience!

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As you just saw with Lenoxsoft, managing business units and different target audiences are breeze by making use of Pardot’s latest and greatest features. There are so many ways to use these new features, and I’m sure your marketing teams will be able to accelerate your efforts in no time!

To get started with all of our latest features, check out the following resources and be sure to register for our upcoming webinar, Pardot Product Release Webinar: Power Your B2B Marketing with AI and Analytics!

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