How to Drive Prospect Engagement with Einstein’s AI-Powered Behavior Score

Imagine a world where AI could help you nurture your prospects more effectively. That imagination has become a reality thanks to Pardot Einstein!

With the June Summer ‘19 release, marketers can now use Einstein Behavior Score as criteria to fuel your Process Builder and Workflow Rule automations in Salesforce — and bring the power of Einstein’s predictive AI-powered scores into Pardot Engagement Studio.

Build AI Powered Engagement Studio Automations

What does this really mean? Well, simply put, this means that as you craft your Engagement Studio automations to engage with and nurture your Pardot prospects, you can now use Einstein Behavior Scores as a criteria to make those processes smarter.

Let’s say you are building an Engagement Studio program to send your prospects down one of two nurture paths, depending on their level of recent engagement. Before, you may have been using rules-based features like Pardot Grade or Pardot Score to route your prospects through an engagement path. While common, this approach left you with a lot of guesswork and constant tweaking of your scoring and grading models.

Now, with Einstein Behavior Scoring, Einstein provides your CRM connected prospects with an AI-generated score between 0-100 that represents their recent buying signals.

Why does this matter? In the past, with the rules-based Pardot Score, your scores continued to add up over the lifetime of a prospect, producing a wide range of score values with no importance set on recent engagement signals. Now, with Einstein Behavior Scoring, all scores are normalized between 0-100 and the recency of prospect engagement is a key factor in determining their Behavior Score score using Einstein’s machine learning model. This makes it simple to understand where each prospect is in their buying journey and how to best engage them next.

There are tons of historical patterns and useful signals found within your Pardot and Salesforce databases that are extremely difficult to identify without a personal data scientist conducting constant analysis. Eliminate the guesswork of your manual rules-based scoring models and let Einstein do the work for you!

Sync Einstein’s Scores to Pardot in 3 Simple Steps

Ready to use Einstein’s AI-powered Behavior Scores in your Engagement Studio automations? Follow these 3 simple steps to sync your Einstein Behavior Scores into Pardot.

Here’s how it’s done:

Step 1: Create a new custom numeric field in Salesforce to store the Behavior Scores.

Create a new custom numeric field in Salesforce on the Lead or Contact object to store the Einstein Behavior Score value. Identify whether you connect your prospects to Leads or Contacts (or both). This will help you determine which Salesforce object (or both) will need this new custom numeric field.

Step 2. Create a new Process using Process Builder to copy the scores to your new field.

Create a new Process in Salesforce using Process Builder to copy the score into this new custom numeric field whenever the score changes.

Please note that you will need the following User Permissions to create, edit or view processes: Manage Flow & View All Data.

Step 3. Create a new custom Prospect field in Pardot to sync your Behavior Scores into Pardot.

Create a new custom Prospect field in Pardot and set it to sync with your new custom field in Salesforce. When creating your new custom Prospect field in Pardot, be sure to select your newly created Salesforce Lead or Contact field when it asks you for the “ field name” so that your new Prospect field syncs with the correct Salesforce field. Now your Einstein Behavior Scores are ready for use in Engagement Studio!

Take your Pardot and Salesforce automations to the next level with Einstein Behavior Scores

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