How to Build Your B2B Marketing Dashboard: The Extended Q&A

It’s no secret that marketers are on the hunt for metrics that matter. Since we’re always looking to prove the value of our marketing efforts, having data-driven insights by our side is a must. With an analytics platform like B2B Marketing Analytics (B2BMA), marketers can leverage insights that not only impact the business, but can improve the effectiveness of their marketing as well.

On July 25th, we presented, How to Build Your B2B Marketing Dashboarda live, audience-led demo showcasing how to build, customize and share dashboards to improve marketing campaign performance and effectiveness. We sat down with our B2B Marketing Analytics guru, Ryan Wilkins, to dive in and answer some hard-hitting questions from our live Q&A session on how marketers can leverage B2BMA to maximize their ROI.

Q. What are some of the biggest advantages of using the out-of-the-box dashboards available in B2BMA?

A. In my opinion, there are three huge advantages:

  1. Seeing your marketing analytics + sales data visualized together in brand new ways, without any setup. Marketers can use this to discover new insights, ask new questions, and explore your data. You no longer need to analyze marketing data in your marketing tool and sales data in your sales tool. That data is blended together and visualized for you, out-of-the-box.
  2. Data integrity. Viewing the dashboards for the first time could serve as a ‘health check’ of sorts, pointing out opportunities for data cleanup and/or enrichment. For example, the Engagement dashboard will quickly reveal if some assets are associated with the incorrect campaign or are not tagged as you would expect them to be. You likely would not have known this without seeing the data visualized for you.
  3. Use them as launchpads for creating your own dashboards. The out-of-the-box dashboards are fully editable and can be copied and tweaked to create new versions with completely new insights. Use them as inspiration for other types of visualizations you would love to build and see in the tool.

Q. I often have meetings where I need to share campaign metrics with my team and leaders from other departments. Is this something that can be easily done with my dashboards in B2BMA?

A. Yes! You can share individual charts (called Lenses in B2BMA), or entire dashboards using the Share button. Post a dash directly to a user or group in Chatter, or download it as an image and email it to whoever is interested


Q. What if there is a significant amount of time between the campaign and the revenue generation (2-3 years)? Or if multiple campaigns are related to one revenue stream?

A. Great question! Campaign attribution is fully configurable inside the Salesforce CRM. You can tell Salesforce to only associate campaigns to opportunities if you ran the campaign within a specified amount of time before the opportunity opened, and more. Check out Auto-Association Settings in Salesforce Setup (screenshot below). This ensures your ROI calculations align with your business processes and remain accurate.

Q. If I have an Opportunity with 2 Contact Roles and each has a different Lead Source and each has a different set of Campaigns that they’ve engaged with…what will be the Opportunity Primary Campaign?

A. An Opportunity’s Primary Campaign Source is independent of Campaign Influence. The Primary Campaign Source field can be populated in a number of ways. Check out this Salesforce Help article, How can I track which opportunities resulted from campaigns? to learn more!

Q. How can you compare the number of unknown Visitors in Pardot and the number Leads in Sales Cloud on a custom pipeline dashboard, and is it possible to add these two groups to a compare table for showing conversion rate?

A. The out-of-the-box Pipeline dashboard displays the number of unknown Visitors tracked in Pardot and the number of MQLs inside of CRM. The underlying data for these visuals is available in B2BMA and you can slice and dice the data any way you want, including in a compare table!

Q. I’m new to the world of analytics and we just added B2B Marketing Analytics to our tech stack. Would recommendations would you have for beginners getting started with B2B Marketing Analytics? What type of dashboards would you advise starting with?

A. Welcome! It’s a fascinating world 🙂 I would recommend starting with the Engagement, Marketing Manager, and Pipeline dashboards. Dive into the campaign and opportunity data to discover the how your marketing campaigns are influencing sales opportunities. Dig deep into your asset KPIs – filter the Engagement dashboard every way you can to identify trends in asset engagement. As you’re exploring these, start dipping your toes in the Multi-Touch and ABM dashboards. These are a bit more advanced but offer very powerful insights. Don’t be afraid to copy any of the dashboards and start experimenting with different chart types and datasets. Remember, the tool was built for exploration, so start exploring!

So… what are you waiting for?! The power of having data-driven insights at your fingertips is real, and it yields high returns for the bottom line. Learn how to leverage actionable insights from your data and increase your marketing ROI with our eBook, B2B Marketer’s Guide to Data Analytics.