How To Boost Your Landing Page Conversions

A great article by Christopher Wallace on Search Engine Land gave some tips for increasing your B2B conversions, a frequent challenge for marketers. For those of you that are using forms and landing pages to convert visitors into prospects, review these tips on making the most of your efforts:

  1. Simplify your content: Use formatting like bullet points to ensure information is clear and concise.
  2. Shorten your lead form: Long forms can be overwhelming, so ask for the minimum amount of information you need about a new prospect.
    Pardot tip: Use progressive profiling to slowly collect a more complete profile. Also remember that you can easily find information like job title through features like the LinkedIn connector, so you don’t always need to ask for everything on your first form.
  3. Use your analytics: Use information you’ve collected, like browser type, to gear your landing pages toward your prospect’s preferences.
  4. Use images to your advantage: Position images to attract the eye and drive prospects toward the conversion form. Don’t overdo it and distract them with flashy graphics.
  5. Extend the engagement: Think about how you can continue interacting with visitors. Wallace suggests using links to additional content of a similar topic or even including links to your social networking pages to being forming a lasting relationship.
    Pardot tip: Strategic thank you content, which appears after the form is submitted, is a great place to encourage additional engagement.

Read the full article on Search Engine Land.