How to Avoid Spooky Situations with Marketing and Sales Alignment

Autumn’s about more than just pumpkin spice lattes and falling leaves. There’s another side to fall, full of goblins, ghouls, toil, and trouble.

But the terror isn’t limited to spooky season! If you work in sales and marketing, you’re faced with scary situations every day, like cross-functional misalignment. 

Leave the horror to Halloween and get rid of things that go “bump” in your inbox with these tricks — and treats — to boost marketing and sales alignment this spooky season.

Cut the bad blood. ??‍♂️

Sales and marketing have been known to feud and compete for attribution and credit. But to achieve true success, both teams need to stop feeding on each other’s energy and learn to lift each other up instead of competing. 

Cultivate a culture of teamwork by aligning goals between sales and marketing — and making sure both departments know they’re on the same team. After all, sales and marketing want the same things: more closed deals and happier customers.

With everyone on the same page, your office will stop feeling like the set of a slasher film and start getting great results like boosted sales and higher customer satisfaction — not to mention happier employees.

Don’t get chills. ❄️

Without marketing and sales alignment, it’s easy for hot leads to go cold faster than a howling gale on All Hallow’s Eve. To keep your leads warm, be sure to solidify your process for transferring leads between marketing and sales. 

Clear communication and process are key to keeping a hot lead from falling through the cracks. An integrated, seamless platform makes it easy to manage leads and assign them to sales, marketing, or other associates throughout the lead nurturing process.

Avoid Franken-data. ?‍♀️

Data may seem scary sometimes. Trying to piece together different metrics and numbers into actionable insights can be a tall order. But data holds truths about your business and your customers, and it’s an important piece of marketing and sales alignment — it’s all in how you use it and align it. Data helps you keep a close pulse on campaign performance and see what’s really working for both your sales and marketing teams, so you can do more of it.

Unified data is key to useable insights, but it can be hard to come by. In 2019, marketers are projected to use a median of 15 different data sources — yikes! Don’t let your cauldron bubble over with a toxic potions of mismatched data. Aligning your customer insights such as lead score, grade, and activity history will make sure that both sales and marketing have a consistent, 360-degree view of the customer. The best part? You can do it all in one seamless, integrated system with Pardot.

Through teamwork, smart lead management, and data alignment, your marketing and sales teams can make magic together and avoid spooky misalignment situations. 

Learn more about how Pardot can help your business come alive this Halloween and forever after. ?

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