How to Attract New Healthcare Leads with Inbound Marketing and Engage Them in Real Time

Today’s healthcare professionals prefer to be marketed to through digital channels. As a result, the most effective healthcare and life sciences (HLS) marketing is now digital marketing. This has opened up a whole new world of opportunities for HLS marketers, who used to rely on in-person meetings to build relationships with clients. 

Now, HLS marketers can attract new leads with digital tactics like outbound and inbound marketing, engage them in real time with relevant content, and use data to build personalized journeys for prospects and customers over time — leading to long-term sales relationships with high-value clients.

Here are some of the best ways to do just that.

Attract New Leads with Inbound Marketing

Healthcare professionals are out there, right now, searching for the solutions that your brand provides. How do you make sure that they discover your brand, and remember you once they find you? While it’s not the entire solution to every digital marketing problem, inbound marketing is part of the answer here. 

If you aren’t familiar with the concept, inbound marketing is all about creating valuable content that aligns with your target audiences’ needs. It’s not about marketing directly to an audience — that’s outbound marketing. Inbound marketing content can include blog posts, videos, webinars, or anything that provides real value to your audience.

To create inbound marketing content for your healthcare target audience, you need to consider what problems your audience has and how you can provide answers for free. You can identify these problems using data gathered by your marketing automation platform. According to the Salesforce Marketing Trends Across HLS report, only 15-31% of HLS marketers currently produce content that evolves in response to actions taken by leads and customers. If you create compelling and relevant inbound marketing content, you’ll be far ahead of most of the rest of the industry. 

Get Chatty About Your Content

Traditionally, inbound marketing relied on creating compelling calls-to-action on your website that encouraged prospects to submit forms and wait for a sales rep to follow up. But with the latest innovations in chatbots, you can now engage these prospects in real time, right as they’re on your page. Chatbots have come a long way since the days of fruitless conversations with bots that could only respond to a limited set of queries. Now, with the power of artificial intelligence (AI), chatbots are experts on your brand and your industry, and they’re ready to help healthcare professionals navigate your products and solutions. 

When you feed a chatbot data from your marketing automation platform and company databases, you can transform the experiences healthcare leads have on your website. Inbound marketing usually attracts a single lead to a single piece of content that they’re interested in — perhaps a cardiologist is interested in your white paper on blood pressure medicine. By integrating a chatbot onto all the pages of your website, including landing pages for your inbound marketing content, you can engage visitors and offer ideas for journeys they can take across your website.

Chatbots can use real-time data your website gathers about visitors to provide relevant suggestions for content and information they may be interested in. If data suggests that your visitor is an oncologist and they strike up a conversation with your chatbot, the bot can share all of your brand’s cancer-related content with them. They can also transfer the healthcare professional to a human associate if any of their questions are too in-depth. Since chatbot AI is always learning, the opportunities for relevant and engaging real-time prospect interactions are endless. 

Make Signup Swift and Seamless

One of the greatest things about chatbots is that they can actually make signing up for lists a relatively pleasant and personal experience. Instead of filling out a form to join your brand’s email list, healthcare professionals chatting with a bot can respond to a series of friendly questions. 

This way, they can also potentially be used to gather more detailed information than is possible with traditional forms. Healthcare leads seeking in-depth solutions to their problems can share detailed specifics with chatbots, and this data can be used both to solve the issue at hand and personalize future marketing for that lead.

To learn more about how inbound marketing and chatbots help you attract healthcare leads and deliver compelling digital experiences in real time, read How to Scale Your Healthcare Marketing and Physician Outreach in 5 Steps and the State of Chatbots Report

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