How ReviseOnline Uses Pardot to Grow Customer Relationships

ReviseOnline is a new education start-up based in Perth, Australia. They offer comprehensive online studying tools for tests and exams at the senior secondary level (years 11 and 12) in a variety of curricula, including the Victorian Certificate of Education and the Western Australian Certificate of Education.

“Revise online” literally means “study online” — which is a perfect name for a company that lets students easily study for every test they’ll face during the school year, without having to search for extra resources. With ReviseOnline, everything they’ll need is all in one place.


Since ReviseOnline is a relatively new company, they’re also relatively new to marketing automation. Just a few years ago, the marketing plan for the company was simply a spreadsheet full of people the founders, David Hankin and Dion Mepham, wanted to contact. Sales reps would call and email teachers from this list, but they rarely got much of a response. It soon became clear that this wasn’t quite enough.

That’s when Jonika Deckert came on board as Sales Director. Her first plan of action? To find a CRM that could grow with the business — and that’s how ReviseOnline got started with Salesforce Sales Cloud. A year later, David attended a Salesforce event and discovered Pardot, which everyone at ReviseOnline agreed could help engage and reach their audience — teachers and students — in an even more targeted and effective way. 

With the help of Pardot partner Destined, ReviseOnline had Pardot up and running in under 30 days. 

Now, when ReviseOnline sends list emails through Pardot, they see results. If they send 1000 emails, they usually see 300 of them opened, with a 7-10% click-through rate. “That’s a big success, compared to where we were before,” says Deckert.


ReviseOnline has mainly been using Pardot to communicate with existing customers and support and grow ongoing customer relationships. They use their existing customer lists to segment sub-audiences, promote content, and cross-sell new products. 

For example, the ReviseOnline website has a blog that the company promotes through emails to teachers, suggesting posts that may be useful to certain student audiences. 

With Pardot, ReviseOnline can see who is engaging with their emails, blog posts, and website. Then, they use that information as a starting point for their calls when they engage with teachers or schedule school visits.  

“We use Pardot on a daily basis to identify people who have been looking at our website. It helps us distinguish between visitors who are students and those who are teachers — teachers are the hot leads!” says Deckert.


With Pardot, ReviseOnline has been able to scale their business and is now positioned to expand into new Australian states — and that means they’re shifting their attention to generating new leads in Victoria. 

Driving engagement is also the next order of business for the company, and they’re currently in the process of setting up their new Pardot nurture campaigns for students who use the platform. 

When students sign into ReviseOnline at the start of the new school year, they’ll be added to a nurture campaign that will deliver relevant information at relevant times throughout the rest of the year. Tests are more frequent at some times of the year than at others, and this nurture campaign will directly play into that. 

Alex Kaye, Pardot Practice Director at Destined, says “ReviseOnline are a tremendous success story. We have supported over 500 organisations to implement Pardot and Salesforce, ReviseOnline have a solid strategy and we are excited to support them as they continue to grow.”  


Deckert says the biggest reason why ReviseOnline chose Pardot is because the platform is so scalable. The company did its research and looked at a lot of different marketing automation systems. Since the ReviseOnline software can be adapted to any school system worldwide, they knew they needed a platform that could grow along with the company. “That’s definitely Salesforce — and Pardot,” says Deckert.

“We are, essentially, a tech company. Pardot helps us stay on top of the tech game.”
– Jonika Deckert, Sales Director at ReviseOnline



What’s next for ReviseOnline and Jonika Deckert? Jonika says she plans to spend some time on Trailhead and uncover exciting new ways to find marketing success with Pardot!

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