How Many Visitors Should Your Website be Getting?

Every company is different, and therefore every website has different traffic patterns. It is often hard to answer questions regarding how much traffic should a site should be getting because there are so many variables at play. While its not an exact science, the team over at Hubspot has put together a chart that can help shed some light on how average site perform, based on company size.

As expected, B2B companies see significantly lower numbers than their B2C counterparts. The range of visitors is quite wide, with small companies (1-5 employees) averaging 89 visitors a week and those with 200 employees or more bringing in over 1600 individuals.

Remember that visitors do not equal prospects. Only a small portion of the visitors to your site will actually “raise their hand” and become prospects by filling out a form or taking some other action. Hopefully the data above will help you determine where you stand compared to similar companies out there.