How I Blazed My Trail and Became a Pardot Pro

I began working for my company, Weichert Workforce Mobility, in January 2018. About two months into my new role, Pardot was introduced to our company. Although my company had been a Salesforce customer for over 10 years, they waited to implement the magic of Pardot’s platform until they hired the right talent.

In March 2018, we had our first Pardot training session. I thought to myself, this doesn’t seem too hard to learn. I came from my previous job with a year’s worth of experience using Salesforce, so I figured I would be up to the challenge.

As the training began, I realized Pardot was a very powerful solution and I quickly set out to figure out how to get the most out of the Pardot platform.

So where do I begin? How do I learn this platform?

Diving in with Pardot

As a Millennial who knows how to find answers quickly and at the click of a button, I researched by reading blogs, googling “how-to” information, and reaching out to the Trailblazer Community.

I must say, the Trailblazer Community is amazing and I typically have all of my questions answered within minutes. If you have any questions, I highly recommend reaching out and following the feeds to learn from fellow Trailblazers!

Shortly after I began my research, I created my first Pardot form and landing page. From there, Pardot just clicked and the platform began to make sense to me. This was my first aha moment when I really started seeing the power of Pardot!

Blazing New Trails at Dreamforce

During my quest to learn the ins and outs of Pardot, I came across the invitation to attend Dreamforce. I was instantly intrigued, and all summer, I watched the Road to Dreamforce Live on Tuesdays to prepare for the conference. As a Dreamforce first-timer amongst 171,000 other participants in the city of San Francisco, I wanted to feel fully prepared and ready to blaze my trail!

Let me tell you, Dreamforce was the best experience I have had in my career thus far.

I learned so much (53 pages of notes to be exact), networked with people from all over the world — from New York City to Brazil —and continued my Pardot journey.

From Novice to Pardot Pro

Prior to Dreamforce, I thought I only understood the basics of Pardot because I was still fairly new to the platform. However, during my last session at Dreamforce, called “Circles of Success,” I discovered I was capable of much more.

As I sat amongst executives, directors and managers who had been on the platform for months or years, I realized I knew more than I thought I did. I shared tips and tricks of how I learned Pardot landing pages and forms, provided information about applying scoring and grading, shared the importance of asking question and getting your name out there in the Trailblazer community, and discussed the benefits of utilizing the Pardot Accelerators

I also shared tips on how to take a step back and focus on learning one thing at a time, such as beginning with organizing your folders and campaigns. While this may seem like a small step, I believe this approach is what helped me become a Pardot pro so quickly. For a platform that only has four tabs (Marketing, Prospects, Reports and Admin), there is so much to explore and achieve, so there is no harm in taking your time.

It felt great to share my story with the “Circles of Success” attendees and contribute my own learnings to my fellow Trailblazers in B2B marketing. I made many connections at Dreamforce and I now have some “go-to” Pardot experts that I will email or message on LinkedIn for advice and best practices.

Morgan at Dreamforce
Me at #DF18 after receiving my Trailbazer hoodie from earning a badge in the Quick Start Campground

The Pardot Journey Continues

I was in the clouds for a good two weeks after Dreamforce (the Salesforce clouds, of course ?). When I came back to my office in my newly earned Trailblazer hoodie, I was ready to take on Pardot and put into practice all the tips and tricks I had learned along the way. Most importantly, I had a new sense of confidence when it came to my Pardot skills and expertise.

Upon returning to work, the first thing I recommended to my manager was to upgrade our Pardot package and implement B2B Marketing Analytics, thanks to what I learned from my Pardot Genius Bar gurus!

Now, eight months into Pardot, we have upgraded our platform and I have built my first Engagement Studio program with five month’s worth of communication! I have moved onto tackling the more advanced features within B2B Marketing Analytics. And none of this would have been possible without the knowledge and confidence I gained from Dreamforce.

I now have a Pardot sticker on my desktop monitor, Astro, Cloudy and Appy stuffed animals on my desk, my laptop is covered in stickers and I wear my Trailblazer hoodie every opportunity I can get. Dreamforce truly inspired me to take my Pardot marketing efforts to new heights!

I am still learning every day, which is a really exciting feeling. I often say I miss being in school and learning new things, so I’m grateful for the learning opportunities Pardot, the industry and my company provides.

I am excited to see where the future will take us as I continue blazing new trails with my company!