How Do Your Prospects Search?

Recent data from Hitwise, a company that monitors search marketing trends, has revealed the long-tail search queries with 8+ words are gaining popularity with web users. In the past year, searches of this nature have increased by 20%, quite a big jump. The popularity of shorter search terms has dropped just slightly in the same period.

These trends indicate that web users are becoming more sophisticated and searching for items that a very specific to their individual needs.

The Hitwise report also indicated that Google still retains a 72% market share of searches (no surprises here!), with Yahoo, MSN and trailing the search giant by a significant margin.

So how can you get in on the action and tap into the psyche of searchers? Paying attention to the search terms found in your Prospect Insight anonymous visitor log, as well as your natural and paid search reports, can help you gain an understanding of how people view your product. This will help you refine your keyword strategy. Also, keep in mind you can benefit from carefully crafting news releases that contain keyword phrases, which can be an great way to hit on some of the longer search terms that attract new prospects.