How ALI Group is Reimagining Digital Marketing in the Insurance Industry

The dynamics of customer-brand relationships have changed dramatically in recent years. If you’re a marketer in the financial industry, you already know this. Your clients have greater access to information, more options (read “competitors”) to choose from, and more channels where they can engage with brands. While this opens to door to new opportunities for marketers, many financial brands have struggled to keep up with constantly changing customer expectations.  

Sometimes, this can be chalked up to the regulatory nature of the financial industry. Other times, it’s because the industry is slow to adopt new technologies and approaches to their relationships with customers.

Some financial brands are changing this, though. Read on to learn how one financial brand is leveraging Pardot to align their internal teams, create world-class customer experiences, and attract and grow client relationships at scale. 

Customer Relationships are Changing

In the good ol’ days, banks could differentiate themselves based on the personal relationships built overtime with individual customers. Today, however, the digital world has changed how we manage our money. Instead of meeting with a broker, businesses can get a loan online in minutes. Rather than visiting a branch, customers can deposit checks on their phones.

More than ever, customers today expect brands — including banks — to engage with them when they want, where they want, and how they want. According to Integrated Marketing & Sales for Banking, 46% of Millenials say their bank does not send relevant marketing materials. When sales and marketing can come together under the same goals — and same actionable data — they can grow revenue and improve the customer experience at the same time.

Pardot Customer Story: ALI Group

ALI Group is an Australia-based insurance company that has provided loan and mortgage protection for more than 200,000 Australian home and property buyers since 2003.  

With the adoption of Salesforce CRM in 2014 and Pardot in 2016, ALI Group has gained a deeper understanding of their audiences with greater visibility into contacts, journeys, and data — and built personalized customer experiences as a result. 

For example, once they identified their key target audience of brokers, they were able to track new leads through their entire journey — from the moment a broker expressed interest, as they went through product training, and finally to becoming an authorized partner able to offer ALI products to their customers. Along these journeys, ALI personalized the experience at every touchpoint with the help of marketing automation, leading to a 50% increase in conversion rate for broker leads. 

With the introduction of Salesforce Engage, the ALI Group sales team could send marketing-approved templates to drive a consistent and timely message while retaining the flexibility to make real-time changes in order to deliver the most relevant and personalized experience.

With the help of Pardot, ALI Group was even able to easily test a direct-to-consumer approach that drove property buyers to the website to request a quote through B2C nurture journeys. 

Getting Started with Strategies for Success 

Jane Booth, Digital Marketing Manager at ALI Group, joined us for a webinar to share how ALI Group is using Salesforce Pardot to improve their customer experience and deepen client relationships. 

Check out the full webinar to learn about four strategies financial brands can use to attract and grow customer relationships with the help of marketing automation, plus tips on getting started with building content for personalized customer experiences. 

Pardot for Financial Brands

From lead gen to retention, Pardot helps financial brands manage the entire client relationship. On average, Pardot financial customers see:

  • 38% increase in prospect engagement
  • 24% increase in lead conversion
  • 34% increase in marketing ROI

Learn how Pardot can help your financial brand connect with your audience and grow long-lasting customer relationships.