Holiday Productivity: 4 Tips for Getting Things Done During the Holiday Season

It’s that time of year again: the not-quite-the-holidays holiday period. This week, productivity has the potential spiral downwards to an all time low as we focus on packing, travel plans, and who’s going to have to carve the turkey (hint: it’s not me). So how do we beat the odds and get stuff done – without having to tape our hands to the keyboard?

Try these four tips to help you stay productive before you start your holidays:

1. Focus on one thing at a time

If you have a mountain of stuff to do before you get to jet set off for the holidays, it can literally feel like scaling a mountain.

Kinda like this.

So instead of focusing on all the things that are getting in the way of you and binge watching your favorite show, break down your to-do list into manageable pieces and work through each one at a time.

2. Stay in the present

Which brings me to my next tip. As you work through your list, focus on today – right now, this hour. Thinking ahead to how good dinner will be, or how much fun you’re going to have later this week is only going to make it easier to space out.

We’ve all been there…

By concentrating on right now, it’s mind over matter – you’ll find that time flies because your putting all of your attention on what you’re doing.

3. Do the most important things first

Prioritizing will make sure that you get the non-negotiable projects done in good time to have a good time during your holidays. Rank your projects by importance and work on the biggest, most important, or most time-consuming first to be sure that critical things are done and dusted by the time you’re ready to head out.

Aaand… Done!

Setting deadlines will also help with prioritizing. Not every item on your to-do list will have one, but setting your own – and then trying to keep them – will help you avoid procrastinating.

4. Take regular five minute breaks

Believe it or not, taking breaks for a few minutes when you’re working on a lot can help you collect your thoughts and come back to what you were doing feeling refreshed. Try taking a short walk, grabbing some coffee or tea, or stretching at your desk.

We’re good to go!

Have you got any tips or tricks for staying productive that work for you?

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