H-E-L-P With HTML Emails

Sending HTML emails can be a gamble. Spam filters don’t like them, and unless they’re designed properly, they’re destined for your intended recipients’ Junk folder and may not ever get read. Don’t waste your time designing the greatest email ever until you’ve mastered the wealth of tips in David Greiner’s recent article, Rock Solid HTML Emails.

This article offers great tips on:

  • Using tables for layout – Use table nesting whenever possible, and set width by each cell (not by table).
  • CSS and general font formatting – Always move your CSS inline–there are free tools to make this quick and painless–and avoid font shorthand by declaring each property individually.
  • Images in HTML emails – Stick with tried-and-true .JPG and .GIF formats, and always include the dimensions of your image.
  • Using video in email – Greiner suggests using HTML5 video and even provides a link to code examples showing this technique.
  • Making adjustments for mobile email – Keep the width at less than 600 pixels, and beware of automatic text resizing.
  • Testing emails – Test and retest your email designs regularly using different email clients to catch bugs and make improvements.

The overall takeaway is that the simpler you keep things, the better. Complicated HTML emails have a nasty habit of getting mangled by picky email clients. Better to keep things simple and streamlined so you don’t run into problems after sending. Follow these tips to make sure your HTML emails render properly before sending, and you’ll be headed down the road of marketing automation success!