Growing Your Lead Nurturing List

So, you’ve decided to start a drip campaign to nurture your less sales-ready leads. You’ve set up your emails, spaced them out at appropriate intervals and you’re ready to go. Now all you need is prospects to nurture.

As a marketing user, you can easily add leads to a drip marketing list in a few ways:

  • If you manually triage incoming leads, evaluate them and decide if it is appropriate to assign to sales or nurture them first.
  • If you automate your lead assignment, consider setting up rules so that prospects below a certain score are added to a nurturing track and then removed when they reach a pre-determined activity threshold, such as requesting a sales demo or viewing a Buyer’s Guide.

Another way to add prospects to your nurturing campaigns is to empower the sales team to control the process. Often, marketing may assign out a lead and then when the sales team reaches out, the person is not ready to move forward. Instead of losing those leads in the shuffle of a crowded CRM, allow the sales reps to assign them to a nurturing track, providing on-going educational materials and keeping your brand top of mind. If your sales team is more at home working in your CRM system than assigning to lists within Prospect Insight, you can set up a custom dropdown field in your CRM that will link to Prospect Insight and allow the sales users to select a nurturing track for their prospects.

Using effective and informative drip campaigns helps you turn prospects into opportunities and reduces the time sales has to spend reiterating the benefits of your product. Essentially, it allows your product to sell itself.