Growing, Growing, Growth! 3 Ways Marketing Automation Scales with Your Business

I like to think of marketing automation as that all-important connector piece in the box of legos. There’s was always one piece that would hold all the others together no matter how big you built your tower or your spaceship, and if you were a builder like me, you used it in almost everything you made. The great thing is that marketing automation is going to help you build even bigger things (and it won’t get lost by being accidentally sucked up the vacuum cleaner…). Your marketing automation platform should be able to scale with you, growing at the pace of your business’s growth, keeping those processes and teams streamlined and efficient.

How does it do that? To quote Shakespeare, “let me count the ways…”:

Better Targeting your Ideal Buyer

As your business grows, so will your efforts as you expand to reach a greater part of your market. Marketing automation can help you keep that expansion controlled by enabling you to clearly identify and set the characteristics of leads for each part of your business, as well as mapping out a streamlined system of communication, nurturing, education and support for each. With a marketing automation platform, you can use nurturing to have your prospects segment themselves onto the right tracks to receive the content. You can start with all of your prospects on a normal introductory nurturing campaign that aims to educate them about your products and offerings and keep your business top of mind, and then depending on how they interact with your content, you can have them move automatically into a new nurturing campaign for say, prospects who don’t respond to your emails, or prospects who clicked through to a product page, or prospects who watched a demo video.

Identifying New Opportunities for Growth

It’s easy to identify new opportunities for growth – and even new markets – when you’re able to keep a birds-eye view of the performance of your campaign within the context of your overall marketing effort. With a data analytics software add-on it’s easy to identify areas where you can focus your efforts on connecting with a new group of prospects, or more deeply target your lists to meet an unforeseen need in an existing group. Data analytics can be a tricky function for some marketing teams who struggle to determine whether they should have a person or a program. (hint: you might want to think about getting both). Your marketing automation platform however, gives you a place to pull a huge amount of data – from campaign performance metrics to prospect behaviors, and a native data analytics software can give marketers a true deep dive on not just that data, but any third-party metrics as well, such as those pulled from Google Analytics. This detailed view will give you a solid foundation to make data-driven decisions that can lead you to more efficient processes that drive your revenue up, as well as brand new areas of focus for your marketing and your business.

Strengthening the Bonds Between Your Marketing and Sales Teams

Marketing automation can keep you in touch with your other target audience: your sales team. With the characteristics of leads unified across all organizations and a simplified lead transfer process between marketing and sales with automatic alerts. Sales reps who’ve been assigned new leads will be instantly notified and will know exactly who to follow up with first thanks to scoring and grading. An email nurturing loop then ensures leads are warmed up to a sales-ready state before transfer and any that go cold in the sales funnel can be kicked back to marketing to warm up again. This level of operating efficiency gives both sales and marketing teams a constant stream of information: marketing can touch cold leads again and can better support sales with their marketing efforts, and sales teams are getting warm, ready-to-close leads from marketing to fill their pipeline.

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