Google Rolls Out Major Algorithm Changes

Google’s new “Search, plus Your World” (released earlier this week) introduced the first major update to Google’s organic ranking system of 2012. Google now allows logged in searchers to find both public and private content through the same search.

Previously, a Google search might have only displayed results that were public information. Now, results will show public web listings along with public Google+ posts and photos, private Google+ posts and photos, and Picasa photos. Check out this video released by Google to promote Search, plus Your World:

While some are embracing these new, blended search results, there are also those who are critical and claim it is an invasion of privacy. Regardless of your stance on “Search, plus Your World”, there are several ways you can leverage the new policy positively for your business.

Our partner, BrightEdge, put together the following helpful list of tips to help you navigate these changes, and maximize their positive impact on your business:

  1. Create or optimize your Google+ page: If you don’t have a Google+ page, please create one. If you have a Google+ page, optimize your site to reinforce your Google+ page and vice versa.
  2. Unify site, search and social strategy: Make sure there is a coherent, integrated plan between the three different channels that includes integrated analytics and messaging. It’s also important to create a unified “search engine” experience—make sure that Google and other engines see and show the consistent messaging and content.
  3. Manage site, search and social together: Understanding the relationship between the three channels in a changing market is critical. We recommend creating a single dashboard with visibility across channels; be sure to include universal, social and keywords specific to Search Plus Your World. Analyze your keywords to identify the value and importance from different channels, and prioritize.
  4. Assess universal search results: Look at the universal search results and see if there are any major changes, positive or negative. Analyze keywords to determine their likelihood to be impacted by the change and build an improvement plan.

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