Google Reveals New Keyword Match Option

Google has announced a major improvement in their keyword match options. Beginning in early May, AdWords users can elect to have common misspellings, plurals, and ‘close variants’ be rolled up under the primary keyword in an account.

Ex: ‘markting automation’ and ‘marketing automation’ will all trigger the same paid search ad to be displayed if you activate that option in your campaigns.

Google updated their keyword match in an attempt to make keyword management easier and less time consuming. You will no longer be required to have separate campaigns and chase every possible misspelling and keyword phrase in your list. Instead, you can run cleaner, more streamlined campaigns. Google says that early tests have resulted in a 3% increase in click through rate (CTR) for their test group with “comparable CPCs”. It’s worth noting that Google has a vested interest in increasing CTRs as that can potentially drive up advertiser spend.

How to Update Your Settings
Head to your Campaigns Settings tab > Advanced settings > Keyword matching options > Exact and phrase match > Include plurals, misspellings, and other close variants.

Are you planning on using Google?s new keyword match option? Let us know!

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