Google Releases Logic Behind Spam Classifications

On March 20th, Google released a new feature in Gmail, their free email product. They will now tell you why they consider particular emails “spam” and filter them in your spam folder. Simply scroll to the top of any message in your spam folder, and you’ll see messages similar to the one below.

Some of the most common reasons Google classifies certain emails as spam are:

  • Suspected phishing scams
  • Message is from an unconfirmed sender
  • It’s a message or sender you had previously reported as spam

Of course, occasionally, emails that we do want to read get filtered into our spam folders by accident, and the solution there is to simply mark them as “Not Spam” and they’ll be released back to your inbox.

But this tool can also serve as a learning tool for B2B email marketers. Look through your own spam folder and take note of the reasons that Gmail has marked these emails as spam — and then make sure to steer clear of these elements in your own content. Want more tips on decreasing your spam rate?
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