Google Announces Upcoming AdWords Changes


There is no use denying that the way we surf the web has evolved, and the paid search landscape along with it. Consumers are no longer tied to a single screen on their PC or laptop. Searches are now taking place in new locations, times, and on different devices. With so many variables, marketers need a platform that can cater to a variety of different contexts.

To help bridge this gap, Google has announced it will be rolling out updates to their AdWords structure in an effort to adapt to the ever-evolving paid search landscape while simplifying campaign management for advertisers through their “enhanced campaigns” feature.

Enhanced Campaigns

With enhanced campaigns, you’ll now be able to manage your ads across locations, time, and devices within a single campaign. For example, you can now:

  • Adjust bids by time of day, location, and device to maximize ROI. You no longer have to create a separate mobile campaign, or bid more based on location, or day part.
  • Show the right ad, site link, or extension based on context. You can now customize your message based on device so that different extensions appear for different devices.
  • Increased tracking ability. You can now track new conversion types such as calls and digital downloads.

Important Note

Google plans to automatically opt all advertisers into this new structure in mid-2013, so it will be important to review your account settings and control your bidding based on device. If, for example, you don’t see success for your campaigns that hit mobile devices, you’ll want to be sure to lower your bids to a level where your ads don’t get displayed.

Here are some helpful resources for you to learn more about the new enhanced campaigns and better understand the upcoming changes:

Google also offers a best practices webinar series that you might find useful.