GoodData Reporting and Analytics Connector Out of Beta


Pardot has always had a lot of canned reports but we recognized the need to take things father and offer a flexible reporting interface for real data junkies. Last winter we partnered with GoodData, a high flying analytics and reporting software company based in San Francisco. We rolled out the initial integration in the summer and iterated on it based on user feedback. We are pleased to say that the base version of our GoodData connector is now available to all Pardot clients on professional edition or higher accounts, at no charge.


Add a GoodData Connector under administration (just as you would any other connector). Your data will start transferring over to GoodData in the background. For most clients, the complete transfer will be ready within in a day. For very large accounts (hundreds of thousands of prospects), it may take slightly longer. Once the transfer is complete, you will be able to access your GoodData dashboards and reports by clicking on the new GoodData tab under Reports in Pardot.

Joint Webinar: GoodData and Pardot


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