We’re Going on a Lead Hunt: 3 Ways to Amp Up Your Lead Generation Strategy

It’s no secret that taking a more customer-centric view in your marketing campaigns will help you drive lead generation. Buyers are looking for personalized, efficient customer relationships that allow them to find solutions to their pain points and get what they need. So if you’re looking for ways to boost your lead-generation efforts and focus on your customers, these tips can help you plan your strategy.

Multichannel Goes A Long Way

You’re already creating great content, but why are the leads not flocking to it? Start by looking at how you promote it. How many channels are you present on and how customized is each one? Being able to promote your content on multiple channels is good – but promoting the same content the same way on every single one is bad, bad, bad.

Leads are quick to spot the difference between helpful and annoying, and few things are more annoying than having your inbox and social media feeds clogged up with the same bland content. Be careful here. Multichannel also means multi-method, multi-content, and multi-customization.

Navigating the Social Media Quicksand:
Social media content should be casual and conversational. Look for ways to interact with your followers whether through polls, open-ended questions, or competitions.

Climbing the Content Mountain:
Unify your messaging and repurpose content that performs well to continue benefitting from it. Gate your best content and keep forms and landing pages short and informative.

Crossing the Blog Bridge:
Use your company blog to promote your best ideas and internal talent. Create posts from your content and keep up a regular cadence.

Nurture Nesting Prospects

Nurturing can help you build customer relationships over time by allowing leads to move at their own pace while still offering the relevant information and education for each stage of the buying cycle. Creating effective nurture campaigns starts with developing a better understanding of your ideal buyer and how you’d want them to interact with your content. From there you can map out a path from education to sale that will enable you to guide prospects through the sales funnel.

Align with the Lead Experts: your Sales Team

Your sales team know all about leads – specifically the deals that close and what steps it took to do so. Make sure that you align your efforts so that your ideal buyer and their ideal lead are the same, then target your content and campaigns to attract that prospect. When it comes to lead gen, the better you know your buyers the better you’ll do.


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  • I always feel the challenge of getting good content and marketing them on our social accounts. Your tips here nicely summarize what we should be doing to make a good promotion.


  • Content marketing is a great strategy to bring in new leads. When content marketing is done with the end user in mind you can really get your site to rank for a lot of keywords that will convert well.

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