Going Green: Moving from Print to Email

MarketingProfs recently posted a great article on the advantages of moving print communication pieces to email.  Making this transition not only helps the environment and shows your customers that you are concerned about the planet, but also reduces the cost of the direct mail process.  Below are a few more advantages to using email over print for pieces such as newsletters, statements, and promotions:

Advantages for Customers:

  • Allows them to review the content, easily retrieve it later, and save it for easy reference.
  • They can respond immediately to your message by clicking on links rather than mailing back their response.

Advantages for Marketers:

  • The time and resources for the ?conception to distribution? process are reduced.
  • Messaging can be customized easily with personalized content to increase relevancy for each recipient (and hopefully increase response).  List segmentation allows you to send the most appropriate content to your customers and prospects, and variable mail merge tags and one-off emails help personalize the message for your recipient.
  • The amount of time it takes to send customers the information they have requested is drastically reduced.  Autoresponder emails can be sent immediately upon completion of particular actions and drip campaigns can be set up to send nurturing or follow-up messages.
  • Activities are easily and quickly tracked (through unique links), which helps qualify your prospects and measure the effectiveness of your message.
  • Other information can be collected by directing recipients to complete forms on your site.  This information can then be used to customize campaigns and future messaging and qualify your prospects.

To maximize the effectiveness of your email messaging, make sure you follow best-practices to ensure the content is pleasing and relevant and renders properly for the recipient.  There are also a few things to consider and steps you can take to make the transition from print to email as smooth as possible:

  • Include a subscription link in your print pieces to help drive customers to your site to opt-in to your email communications.
  • Tell your customers/prospects about the benefits of ?going green? with email rather than print and promote your ?Green Initiative? on your website and in your direct mail pieces.
  • Offer an incentive to start receiving your message via email rather than direct mail ? i.e. a discount on a future purchase, access to a VIP area on your website, etc.
  • Include a ?Sign Up Today? link on every page of your website to help capture new prospects.

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