Gmail Still Needs to Address Paragraph Spacing

It’s now one month and counting since a bug was first reported to Gmail about its sudden change in the handling of paragraph spacing. Paragraphs tags are essentially retained but Gmail’s CSS is setting the margins to 0, resulting in many emails appearing as one long blob of text. No doubt this has caused quite an uproar on the Google forums and we have to believe that it will be addressed quickly. In the meantime, you can follow the thread here:

Paragraph Spacing in Gmail

A reader on the thread recommends a couple of short-term remedy for emailers:

  1. To inline the CSS setting a margin of 1em 0
  2. To use 2 break tags in place of empty p tags.

Hopefully the Gmail team will resolve this soon (no other major web mail clients seem to have this issue) but in the short term, the above fixes tend to work well.