Getting Started with Marketing Automation

Last quarter, Pardot was happy to welcome over 50 new clients to our marketing automation community. That marks three straight quarters of over 50 new clients joining us. That translates to a LOT of new users who are just getting started with marketing automation!

Because we have so many new faces, I thought it might be helpful to share some beginner information on marketing automation. When getting started with a new marketing automation system, here are some good ways to begin.

Inventory your website. Think about pages that are valuable to you (for a possible score increase), current forms that you want to recreate and opportunities to add new forms or conversion opportunities.

Inventory your other online assets. What other forms of online marketing and lead generation do you use? Are you currently using Google Adwords, online sponsorships, other landing pages, social media, a seperate email platform? Make a list of all of your current marketing tools so that you can begin to integrate them into one, unified system within Pardot.

Outline your current processes. One of the best parts of marketing automation is that it can automate (naturally!) some of the previously tedious processes in your department. Create an outline or flowchart (for the visual learners) of your current processes like when and how you assign leads to sales. This will help you easily translate those processes in to automation rules and they’ll be out of your hair for good.

Create a wish list. Marketing automation is no silver bullet, but in addition to making your current assets and processes easier to manage, it can also free up time for you to try new things. So once you have a few basic ideas in place, go wild. Dream up new, better ways to streamline your lead generation. Sketch out some new landing page designs and then test them with multivariate testing.