Getting Started with Drip Programs

Email Insider featured a blog post called “Five Steps for Implementing a Lifecycle Marketing Plan” with steps that are great for anyone looking to plan their first drip program. Similar to any trigger-based email program, you want to plan out what actions should prompt an email message – or in this case, cause recipients to move in to a new stage in your product lifecycle.

Here are the steps to get you started with a drip marketing strategy:

  1. Focus on your data: What behavior triggers can you use in your program?
  2. Understand and define the stages of your customers’ lifecycle: Plan out a normal progression most of your prospects and current clients will pass through
  3. Identify and plot your current programs: Brainstorm a list of all your current marketing emails and programs
  4. Modify and optimize your marketing programs: Decide how you current marketing messaging fits in to your new drip campaign and create any additional materials required.
  5. Test and validate: Test your new program against a control group or previous benchmarks at the program launch.