Getting started with the Connector


Connectors allow Pardot to sync with third party applications such as a CRM system, paid search platforms, or email marketing solution. Data can be passed back and forth between the two applications allowing a user to manage many formerly disparate marketing channels from within the Pardot interface. As an AppExchange certified solution, Pardot can sync with Professional Edition accounts or higher.

Initial Notes

  • If you are establishing your connector for the first time and want to connect to a sandbox account, you can follow the instructions below to install the Pardot AppExchange Application. However, if you already have a connector in Pardot, you just need to append your connector’s username with your sandbox account name (e.g. “[email protected]” becomes “[email protected]”), update your password (if necessary) and check the box named ‘Connect to a sandbox account’. Since your sandbox account is a copy of your current account, the Pardot AppExchange Application will already be present on your sandbox account.
  • Pardot can integrate with Person Account record types. This is an advanced syncing option. Please contact your implementation contact or Pardot Solutions to enable this integration for your account.
  • Importing large numbers of new prospects requires initial sync with to complete in order for the delete or email update trigger to take place.
  • Changes to records in Pardot and should be synced within 10 minutes (usually faster). There are 4 jobs that each process up to 200 records every 10 minutes, which means a total of up to 800 records can by synced every 10 minutes (or up to 4,800 every hour). For more information, review What Triggers a Sync with Pardot and your CRM? and When are leads synced with the CRM?.