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2 thoughts on “Getting Started with Account-Based Marketing: The Checklist

  • Interesting strategy, however, I’m still trying to understand the purpose behind it. (I have never used this type of approach so pardon my lack of comprehension.) If I understand right ABM is like performing a campaign for a single entity and not a whole list? I believe this kind of approach is highly personalized, so in what scenario or goals would you use ABM as oppose to any strategy?

    • Hello Ryenaldo,

      You’ve got it right! ABM as a strategy targets one account at a time with a deeply customized campaign. It is indeed a highly personalized approach, and it’s usually something that a business might implement when they have a series of key accounts that will generate a large percentage of their overall revenue. While other strategies might also be effective, ABM is unique in that it brings your sales and marketing team into tight alignment to identify and target accounts, and that personalization goes much deeper than it usually would to accommodate for the unusual scope of ABM campaigns.

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