Getting Up to Speed on Connections 2013 #video

ExactTarget’s annual user conference is in full swing for the seventh straight year, selling out hotels and flooding the streets of Indianapolis with the country’s most passionate and innovative marketers. With a theme this year of “Lead from Within”, the nearly 6,000 attendees have enjoyed talks from notable speakers like Marc Benioff, Jim Collins, and Walter Isaacson.

Marketers Are Taking the Lead

With nearly a dozen different tracks to chose from, one message has linked together marketers from countless different companies and industries: Marketers are Becoming Leaders.

With the CMO expected to wield more budget than ever before in the coming year, marketers occupy a very important place within the modern company, and one with staggering potential to lead the direction and vision of companies moving forward. In the video above, Pardot’s own Mathew Sweezey gives you a run down of what’s happened at this year’s conference thus far and what’s left to come. Enjoy and stay tuned for even more Connections content!

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  • Hey folks,

    This is Mathew. I wanted to leave a comment here to see how we can do this better. If you’ve been following our video series, you might notice we are trying a lot of new ideas. Please let us know if these videos are helpful, and how we can make them better for you. So if you’d like to help, lets get the conversation going. How can we help you be a better marketer?

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