Get on the Marketing “Nice List” This Holiday Season

In addition to all the juggling that goes on around this time of year, the holiday season provides B2B marketers with another challenge: how to wish your customers a safe and happy holiday without sounding like a cheap advertising ploy. In his article, “B2B Marketing: Do’s and Don’ts of the Holiday Season,” Pardot COO Adam Blitzer gives marketers some tips on how to earn some extra points with clients this holiday season (and how to stay off the naughty list). Here’s a quick preview:

DON’T…Send a lot of email during late December  

Best case scenario, your customer or potential prospect ignores these emails. Worst case, he or she finds them extremely annoying. At the end of December, business is not the foremost thing on your prospects’ and clients’ minds. And after several days of enjoying time off with their families, the last thing they want to see when they sit down at their desks is 10 emails from you. So don’t inundate prospects and clients with a bunch of emails that won’t get read, and consider pausing nurturing campaigns during the most hectic weeks of the holiday season.

Check out the full article for yourself and see if you agree with Adam’s holiday do’s and don’ts for marketers!