How to Fuel Your B2B Online Advertising with Marketing Automation: Part 2

Let’s Dig Deeper: Getting your Hands Dirty with Marketing Automation + Online Advertising

Christina Sapienza, Online Marketing Manager at, shares her experiences using marketing automation to fuel online advertising campaigns in this three-part series.

Today we’re jumping off from Part I of this blog series to see what else online advertisers can get from their marketing automation tool.  Once you’ve set the foundation for online marketing strategies with the use of marketing automation insights, you can really dig into your campaigns to take them to the next level.  Regardless of what digital channels you’re leveraging, you’ll always have the opportunity to be more granular with your targeting and try new things. Use the data at your fingertips to reach your prospects in a smarter way without taking up more of your precious resources.

Now?s the Time to Be Social

Many B2B advertisers think social media is the world of B2C marketing, but rest assured that there are countless ways to reach and mature specific target pools in Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, etc. — even if you?re a B2B company. Marrying the limitless combinations of targeting options in paid social channels with the marketing automation insights about your specific audience will give you a critical edge. Segment and isolate different audience groups and then target appropriately in social media using criteria such as interests, demographics, and geography.

Give Clickers the Content They Crave

With marketing automation, you can exercise landing page A/B testing right in your marketing automation interface. For example, if you want to see which set of form fields performs better in two SEM landing pages, you can run them at the same time and let the winner prevail. No guesswork is needed when you have hard data to back up your findings.


Smart marketers are building customized landing pages for individual channels. For instance, use a specific landing page for display retargeting ads based on which asset a user consumed in the past and their prior visitor site activity. Take into account site activity to align that interest with an asset. Let’s assume you’re a manufacturing company and your visitor is active on one of your product category pages, then try retargeting them with an asset about that product category.

Don?t Give Up at the Form Complete

You might think you’re done here, but there are even more opportunities to keep those new prospects engaged. Take all that demand that you generated from your smart online efforts and develop strategic email nurturing in your marketing automation tool after the online conversion to further mature your leads.


If you have time-sensitive online promotions, execute email campaigns that align with the promotional calendar. Finally, close the loop by giving those who open emails more of what they want with retargeting ads and get more from your email nurture campaigns.


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